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default-information originate

If all sites have their default route pointing into the MPLS cloud via a static route and running OSPF,

Can you set the "default-information originate" at the main site (which also has static route pointing into cloud) and remove the static route from all of the remaining remote sites and still accomplish the same thing?

The reason is, I need the default to be dynamic at the remote sites, but do not want to change where they point.

The provider has a route in the cloud for the remote sites to get to the Internet.

Is there any problem in doing this?


Re: default-information originate

I don't think this will work.

When you put in the default-information orginate it injects a router that basically says send all unkown routed traffic to me.

If you somehow managed to get your remote routers to get a route from the main router they would send all their traffic to the main router. Now if it gets there what will the main router do with it. Since you say the provider has a connection to the internet you will send the traffic back out into the cloud which the provider just sent to you. This loop is why you cannot even configure this.

If you had the internet connected to the main router then this would be ok since it would send the traffic out another interface.

In your design the default route has to come from the internet router which appears to be owned by your provider. Your main site is just your biggest remote site from the viewpoint of your provider.

In any case you need to work with your provider to get this to work. They most likely will need to inject a default route. If you want all intenet traffic to pass though your main router they may be able to allow you to inject a default route. This will either require you and your provider to do some policy routing or set up a second virtual router and network to allow the traffic to go back to the internet.

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Re: default-information originate

Thanks for the reply,

Since the main site router is distributing static, and it has a static route pointing into the cloud,

What about at the remote sites, removeing the static route and letting the static at the main site get distributed.

Do you think this would work?


Re: default-information originate

The issue will occur at your provider edge router at your main site.

This router will get 2 default routes. It will get one from you main site and another from the providers network internet router.

Lets say a user at the main site send a packet to the internet. It will go to the provider router via the static route. Now if the provider router uses your new injected route it will just send the traffic back to your main router which will just loop it back. If it uses the other default route and ignores your new route it is the same as not even configuring it in the first place.

To make this work you need your provider to advertise the default route into your network.


Re: default-information originate

I assume that your provider has configured an MPLS VPN for you, since you mentioned that it is an MPLS provider. Therefore I think it will work.

Truly the router will get 2 routes, but one will be in the global routing table and the other in VRF. Hence, with respect to the customer, there is only one default route. Note however, that configuration within the Service Provider could limit the propagation of the default route. If you do not see the dynamic default route (via OSPF) at the remote sites, talk to your provider.

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