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Default Route Leak - From VRF to Global Table


I would like to place my internet connection in to a separate VRF. My DMVPN tunnels work fine with such configuration but the default goes across DMVPN to hub site. I would like to use an IP SLA tracked default out to my VRF and if that fails then let it route across DMVPN. Is this do-able?

1. At hub and spoke both sites, let ISP connection run in a separate VRF. Gets a little extra security from internet.

2. When ISP connection is active, let each site route its traffic out to internet directly. However when the local ISP connection fails, remove the default route that points to ISP so that OSPF learned default from the hub site routes all traffic to hub and puts on internet.

What's working:
DMVPN tunnels work fine across INET VRF.

What's not working:
1. The IP SLA tracked route leak to global VRF is not working. Traffic doesn't go out to internet directly using local connection.

I followed following example for this configuration.

Any suggestions? Is it possible or supported configuration?

Below is a diagram of my setup.

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