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Default Route with PfR running

I have a test lab setup before I try to put this in the production network. I have a 2821 that I want to run PfR on to load balance over multiple interfaces. We will have 3 at first but the T1 will leave after only a month and we will be left with our cable connection and fiber. My question is how do I list the default gateways? Do I just list all 3 or what? I think I have PfR setup correctly with NAT I just need the default gateway issue resolved and I can continue testing. Thanks in advance for th help!


Re: Default Route with PfR running

PfR can also track flows based on destination prefixes and link utilization. By intelligently combining destination prefixes into different groups, appropriate policy maps can be defined in PfR for different kinds of traffic. These different flows can then be appropriately routed and optimized for bandwidth.

For further information click this link.

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Re: Default Route with PfR running

Although I am not 100% sure of it, but I believe you have to first make a load distribution via the routing protocols you have, for example if you have BGP to route to these networks, use bgp multipath or eigrp variance etc.

Now what happens when the Master Controller prefers an exit interface (one of your default routes will be coming from that interface) it will add a more specific route to that destination in the routing table through the exit interface that it prefered. this will cause the traffic to be sent through that interface and will drop the load-balancing (for that flow), ofcourse you can customise the criteria the way you want.

I am sorry if I missed something, but I am trying to help you get some idea's


Mohd Khair

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