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Default router other than next hop


We have EIGRP running in our network. One of our remote offices uses internet connection from the head quarters. We have a PIX firewall and to the best my understanding it does not support Eigrp.

So we are pointing our MSFCs at the core swicthes(HSRP), to the pix firewall. EIGRP does not support default information originate as well, so i find myself in a taugh position.

All the other sites have local internet connectivity so it is not a problem for them as they have local static routes.

My question is that for the site which does not have local internet connectivity, can i point the default route on that router to the pix at the head quarters? it is a requirement that the next hop must be the next hop in a default route or it should only be reachable??

any other ideas or suggestions would be highly appreciated, we would like to use as less default or static routers as possible.



Re: Default router other than next hop


I am pretty sure that should be possible. Routers can do recursive lookups. So if your nexthop of a route is not an immediate nexthop, router will do recursive lookup in the routing table to find if the next hop specified is reachable.


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Re: Default router other than next hop

The routing decisions are made one hop at a time. Say you have a source address of and you want to get to but you need to cross routers A, B and C. If you tell router A that the default route is to router C and A has a route to C through B, the packet will get to B. If B has a default route to router D, B will forward the packet to D unless it has a specific route for the destination pointing at C. In this case you would probably need to put a static default route in B also, if the default route doesn't point to C.

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