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Defautl IP precedence value for Citrix?

What is the default IP precedence value (0 - 7) for Citrix traffic on a 2800 and 7206 VXR router?

Is there a document that lists the default precedence values for traffic when LLQ is configured?

We have LLQ configured on oure serial interface of our routers and I am trying to determine what is the default precedence value for our traffic because our service provider Qwest uses the precedence numbers between 0 - 7 to determine what type of QoS traffic receives when it flows through their network.

I appreciate any responses.


Re: Defautl IP precedence value for Citrix?

The default action for a router reguarding precedence is to more or less ignore it.

It will not change the packet markings or take any action on them other than what weighted fair queue (WFQ) does.

If you do not mark the packets yourself someplace in your network it will take whatever the end user places on the packets.

You really need to come up with a plan as to what you want your precedence markings to mean and mark packets as they come into your network.

If you have LLQ already configured then you are matching something other than precedence to do that. There is no default precedence that is LLQ. Most people use precedence 5 or a dscp value of EF for LLQ traffic but that is just convention there is nothing that defaults to that.

Re: Defautl IP precedence value for Citrix?


Routers by default doesnt set any precedence for any application , in ur case citrix .We need to match the application based on protocols or based on source addresses and set some precedence values , so that traffic is sent in appropriate queue from our router to the service provider.

We can configure a LLQ and make some traffic to prefer the LLQ so that some delay sensitive traffic is sent first rather than other data.

When talking abt service providers , they would have configured different queues in thier core based on the precedence values ( in case of ip core ) and exp values ( MPLS core ) and they would set a precedence value to ur traffic in the ingress interface by either matching ur ips or matching ur precedence values so that you donot override their QOS network behaviour .

Hope it helps


vanesh k

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