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Design Ideas Wanted for Dual IP Feeds

Traditionally we have taken a stream of data over IPv4 from a provider into a switch (SW1) which is trunked to another switch (SW2) and then terminated on a router (R1) sub interface inside a VRF, which is then xconnected/pseudowired to far far away land, so this means layer two transport carrying the data until it's destination where the IP stream is terminated at layer 3.

IPv4 stream --> fa0/1 [SW1] fa0/24 ---- fa0/24 [SW2] fa0/1 --- fa0/1.10 [R1] xconnect ------ (MPLS CLOUD)

The data feed provider now wants to deliver two copies of the same stream into SW1 (new redundanancy rules). It is the exact same IP stream being delivered twice, so I assume they are using something like SPAN at their end to mirror the data to us over two links into SW1.

My question is this (to which I am open to all ideas, there is no right or wrong here);

For those two streams to make it over to R1 I will have to tag the two access ports on SW1 onto which they enter the network, as two different VLANS now. So how can I make R1 fail over between streams?

All I can think is that I would have to add a second sub interface, so one for each VLAN and then shut one sub-interface down. Could I then use a tracking object to track the active interface, if no data is comming into the interface, shut it down and unshut the other one (do tracking objects even support such a feature?). This would provide automatic fail over, this can be done by hand so manual fail over is a given here and I'd really like some sort of automatic redundancy.

Also, I know it would be better if the two mirrored data feeds where terminated onto different switches etc but that is not an option and outside the scope of this discussion. Just focusing on the above problem for now.

Many thanks for readiny and thanks in advance for any insight anyone can provide.

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Design Ideas Wanted for Dual IP Feeds

well this may still be outside your scope but, could you not terminate the second feed on another port on the router? Most routers have more than one ethernet port these days.  You would  not need another switch to do this.  Just by-pass the current switch with the second feed and go right onto the router that passes it out to the MPLS cloud...unless you have some device on S1/S2 that has to receive and process or somehow massage that data before you forward it on...

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