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Details about a caveat in IOS XE

I don't have access to Cisco's Bug Toolkit (nor a spare ASR1000 for testing) and I could use some extra info about caveat CSCtj24692 ("NVRAM configuration file gets corrupted when a chassis is power cycled without a graceful shutdown").

It is listed in the Release Notes as being solved in IOS XE 3.9.2S and 3.10.0S, but what about earlier releases?  There isn't a 3.8.3S or 3.7.4S released (at least not yet) - should I assume that the issue only occurs in 3.9.0S and 3.9.1S?

What exactly gets corrupted - the whole nvram:/ file-system, or just the startup-config file?  Does it happen on any type of ASR1000?  Are there any other "prerequisites" for this (like a "wr mem" ongoing while the power-off happens)?  Is it easily reproducible, or rather random?

Many thanks in advance.

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Details about a caveat in IOS XE

Hello Iulian,

The fix has been commited into 3.7.4S, which is already on CCO. The issue only affects ASR1013 and can lead to nvram memory corruption, as a result startup-config will be affected.

I would suggest you to evaluate the chance of upgrade the software to fix the issue.

Best regards,
Dmitry Skotnikov

-- Best regards, Dmitry Skotnikov
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