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Difference Between two Routers

can anybody tell me what is the difference between

1841 Secutiry Bundle, Adv.Security, 64FL/256DRl-1-Port Serial WAN Interface Card


1841 Modular Router W/2XFE,2WAN Slots,32FL/128DR.

and which one is better?


Re: Difference Between two Routers

Um, better for what?

When you see "bundle" as part of the description, it means that Cisco has created a package product that has features and components to fulfil a specific role ... in this case, a router running the Advanced Security flavor of IOS (Firewall, NAT, VPN, IDS/IPS) for a typical small office with a T1/Fract T1 interface, probably to the Internet (because you don't usually need a hard firewall between offices).

The second product you listed is just a basic 1841 router with two Fast Ethernet interfaces, and modular slots for any of the "WAN" interfaces (ADSL, POTS, T1/E1 ...which are not included ... order separately).

It's probably loaded with basic IP IOS.

The bundles make it easier to buy "one thing" suited for a specific purpose versus putting something together "ala carte" and having to order the router, correct IOS flavor, interfaces, Flash/RAM, etc.

Going back to the first line ... Better for what? The core router hardware is the same (the first one has more flash), the first one listed is a Firewall / Security bundle, the second is a vanilla router.

Good Luck


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Re: Difference Between two Routers

Thanks for your reply. I need to install one of these routers in my headoffice which i am going to connect with other 10 branches through wireless, Adsl and dial-ups. Headoffice will be connected through wireless. I also have a pix firewall in headoffce. So should the router be with advanced security?


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Re: Difference Between two Routers

The first one has 256MB flash and the second is only 128MB

Hope this helps


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