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Different upload vs download speeds across T-1s

We have a Cisco 3825 at our data center (Ohio) with 3xT1 in an MPPP configuration.

We have a Cisco 2851 at a remote office (Texas) with 2xT1 in an MPPP configuration.

We are seeing different upload and download speeds across this link. If I move a 5MB file from a server in Texas to a server in Ohio it takes about 20 seconds. I call this "upload".

Moving a file of similiar size from Ohio to Texas takes 4 times as long. (same server-to-server combination) I call this "download".

The telco says everything looks good to them and they don't see any errors (neither do we). We can ping between these sites with 35-40ms latency repeatedly at any time of the day. The circuit seems responsive, but when transferring files from Ohio to Texas it is a dog.

Where do I start in my routers to see if there is a configuration issue there?

I have seven other sites like this, all going through the same 3825 at the data center, but none of them exhibit the difference in upload vs. download.

Thanks for any thoughts or direction on this one!!!


Re: Different upload vs download speeds across T-1s


Couple of things which you can check out here is the loading conditions on the inward pipe @ Texas (which is again download @ Texas end).

QOS policies on both the ends esp at OHIO interface outbound direction.

Any rate-limits(CAR) being applied on any of the interfaces..


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