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I'm having trouble to connect a Bay Stack router via dlsw+ protocol. There is no problem with TCP connectivity at all. Has anyone ever done this before? Any input is highly appreciated!



Re: dlsw+

I hope I can be of some help. I have not done this in some time, however, I know the DLSW+ is a Cisco propreitary protocol. But the DLSW is an open standard and the BayNetworks/Nortel BayStack router should be able to do it.I am assuming that the WAN connectivity is fine since you said that the TCP connectivity. Have you set your Source-bridge ring groups up on both sides. They are used by the source bridge command off the interface along with the ring number. Also assuming Token Ring interfaces on both sides. then you need to define the ring numbers on both sides. They must be unique. To verify the setup on the Cisco use the show dlsw peer command to see the peer status.Also note when you connect a Cisco to a non Cisco for DLSW you must use TCP as your encapsulation. Also Non-Cisco routers cannot be border peers or participate in peer groups. You will not be able to take advantage of load balancing, backup peers and cost. Also use the passive keyword on your DLSW local peer statement. This allows for the 2 dissimilar routers to talk DLSW.Also I remember that the Cisco device must be the initiating end of the connection in order fro most DLSW features to work.Good Luck....

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