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I was configuring DMVPN in the lab and I faced an issue with EIGRP updates propagaion. Basically, my setup is comprised of one hub router and 2 spokes. The hub and one of the 2 spokes have Class C network in their inside sides, while the 2nd spoke router has a class B subnet of wih a class C subnet mask of /24.

when configuring DMVPN, the EIGRP works fine with all except for the network which doesn't get propagated. The spoke of concern particiapates in the EIGRP communications and learns all the routes but I dont know why its internal subnet doesn't get propagated to the other routers!

When enabling debug on the hub and spoke of concern, I see the following error message:

*Mar 1 04:40:46.022: EIGRP: Packet from ourselves ignored

After seeing that, I went and changed the subnet to and things worked fine with the same config!!

Does anybody have an idea of why was it failing with!

My EIGRP config was this way:

router eigrp 10

no auto-summary

network (This is for GRE)


Appreciate your feedback.




Re: DMVPN Issue

This is an interesting one.

This is just taking some stabs in the dark right now till I can wrap my head around it.

In the 60 /24 block, do you have any IP's assigned to an interface?

When you did the was it just in the EIGRP and no where else?

Is it possible to see the rest of the config?

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Re: DMVPN Issue


In the 60/24 block, I have an interface having the IP assigned to it. As this was not propagating through EIGRP, I changed the IP of this interface to and replaced the 60 subnet with this one in my EIGRP process. I dont have any other dynamic routing running in my setup.

The config is too simple, please find attached the config of the spoke in question.

This is strange, isn't it!

R/ Haitham

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