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DMVPN setup for dual branch routers

Hi all


We have a main HQ site with 2 routers both to a provider using MPLS

From the remote sites we have configured dual cloud DMVPN, so primary connection is to one of the routers and secondary is to the other router!


What happens if we then install 2 routers on a branch site? would be just duplicate the setup on the backup router and use HSRP to control?






That's a viable configuration

That's a viable configuration. Depending on how you want the traffic to flow, you may want to offset the routes advertised by the backup router to ensure that everything goes through the primary, but as long as there are no firewall functions to consider, load-sharing the traffic to both can work too.

New Member

so whats the best thing to do

so whats the best thing to do, just use HSRP, I guess we wouldnt need to track as the routers would see each other anyway?


also i guess as long as the bandwidth statements are set correctly all should be ok?


my thinking would be to have highest bandwidth on the primary router to the primary HQ router, then a slightly less bandwidth on the primary router backup tunnel, then on the secondary router a lesser bandwidth etc?


would that be right ?



If you're using EIGRP or OSPF

If you're using EIGRP or OSPF for your DMVPN, that should do the trick. You'll want to use MED or AS-PATH padding if you're using BGP.  If you're using RIP, add an offset to the backup routers. If routing protocol information is being exchanged on the LAN, HSRP tracking shouldn't be necessary, but make sure it's there if you're not.

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