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Docsis 2.0 and 1.1 cable modems are not detected via UBR-MC20X20V-5D line card

Hi All,

We have uBR10K series CMTS and recently installed UBR-MC20X20V-5D line card, requirement is to configure this line card to support docsis 1.1 and 2.0. Problem is after finished the configurations modems (Hitron and Motorola) are not detected by the system. means no modem mac address listing under "Show cable modem" command. 


Our CMTS has the following components

ESR-PRE2: x1
UBR10-DTCC:  x2
UBR-MC20X20V-5D: x1
iOS version:     12.2(33)SCE3


Part of running-config as follows

cable spectrum-group 13 band 22800000 26600000

controller Integrated-Cable 8/0/0
 rf-channel 0 cable downstream channel-id 145
 rf-channel 0 frequency 501012500 annex B modulation 256qam interleave 32
 rf-channel 0 rf-power 59.0
 no rf-channel 0 rf-shutdown

interface Cable8/0/0
 no cable packet-cache
 cable bundle 1
 cable upstream max-ports 4
 cable upstream 0 connector 0
 cable upstream 0 spectrum-group 13
 cable upstream 0 channel-width 3200000 3200000
 cable upstream 0 docsis-mode tdma
 cable upstream 0 minislot-size 2
 cable upstream 0 range-backoff 3 6
 cable upstream 0 modulation-profile 21
 no cable upstream 0 shutdown


diag output attached herewith. Please any one advice on how to resolve this issue.


Thanks in advance.

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