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Does ASR 1006 support ping with datagram size of 18024 on Channelized E1/T1 interface

Hi All,

Note our observations as below:

  •       we have recently replaced 7513  router with ASR 1006 router’s.
  • There is absolutely no issues in the production traffic after migration.
  • The operations team have this unique practice of testing the link by issuing extended Ping commands with datagram size of 18000 bytes to test the link (see screenshots)
  • This command works on the Cisco 7513 series routers but we are not able to get ping reply in ASR.
  • The maximum datagram size for ICMP packet where we receive response on ASR router is 14000 bytes on the channelized E1/T1 card however ASR can send/receive ICMP packets of 18000 bytes on Gigabit Ethernet interfaces.
  • The Typical configuration on the Channelized E1 interface is as below:

interface Serial2/0/4:1

bandwidth 2048

ip address 172.a.b.x

no ip redirects

no ip unreachables

no ip proxy-arp

encapsulation ppp

  no clns route-cache

There are few questions:

  1. Does ASR support 18024 datagram size on chanelized E1/T1 card?
  2. Is this a limitation?
  3. Do we have some documentation which can support this claim?


Sachin Ranjane

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