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Does iBGP direct Peering Needed for VPNv4 routes to be advertised?

Hi every in situation that i have 3 routers.


R1 and R2 are ibgp peer also R2 is ibgp peer with R3 .my under laying routing protocol is OSPF and im running MPLS between these routers.I have VPNA on R1 and also i have activated peers for extended communities to enabling MP-BGP between routers.when i do show ip bgp vpnv4 unicast all on R2 i can see VPNA routes received from R1 but when i do this show command on R3  there is nothing but if i Peer R3 to R1 using iBGP  THE VPNA routes shows on R3 i have this question, Does this thing mean that for receiving vpnv4 routes on R3 I have to configure iBGP between R3 and R1, so R2 cant carry these routes to R3? Thanks.

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Re: Does iBGP direct Peering Needed for VPNv4 routes to be adver

Hello Blackhat2020,

yes VPNv4 routes are under the iBGP rules too so or you build an iBGP full mesh or you make the router in the middle route reflector server

note: this can be done at address-family level with

on R2:

router bgp xx

neigh R1:loop0 remote-as xx

neigh R1:loop0 update-source loop0

neigh R3:loop0 remote-as xx

neigh R3:loop0 update-source loop0

address-family vpnv4

neigh R1:loop0 activate

neigh R1:loop0 send-community extended

neigh R1:loop0 route-reflector-client

neigh R3:loop0 activate

neigh R3:loop0 send-community extended

neigh R3:loop0 route-reflector-client

use for iBGP loopbacks addresses advertised in your routing protocol and that are also used as LDP router-ids

Hope to help


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