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Does WCCP affect linespeed rate on 4948 10-gig model with Ipsvcs?


     I was asked to implement an "imperative" thing here in my office before our finalized gear shows up.  The solution is a 1-gig rated set of silverpeaks and some 4948's.  Does the linespeed of the 4948 drop with WCCP enabled?  I would like to utilize the 10 gig connections back to my WAN distribution and to the silverpeak, but the links on which the BGP / Leased line traverse are 1 gig. 

     I'm just checking that utilizing BGP and WCCP doesn't cause the actual line speed to drop to something weird like 850 megs like they do on some of the 39XX routers.

     Anyone know this data or can point me to a document that says the throughput is <blah> - other than the datasheet that just says "wirespeed"?

     Thx, -PKil


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