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Double-check my QoS config??

Can you guys take a look over my qos config?? It is mostly pseudocode so if commands are not exact that is why. We have Silver-Peak WAN Optimization devices placed inline at each location. We will be peering with the PE router via eBGP. All traffic will be marked downlevel at the access layer and in the core where necessary. Please let me know if you need more information.


Re: Double-check my QoS config??

look fine

but i have some notes

the comma not required in the class map config

you may recieve an error when you put your policymap egress becuase you ned to use one priority method when configuring CBWFQ

i mean you need to use either bandwidth percent  command or bandwidth remaining percent in all of the class within that policy

laso for to make sure your routing traffic is fine

as long as you using the whole interface bandwith with your policy

try to make a class with few garnteed bandwith for cs 6 and cs 7 instead of having it under best effort

good luck

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