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Download Speed Issue??

I have STM1 link to my upstream ISP and our connection is BGP, my Customer facing router aggregate capacity to my customers based on demand. There is a particular customer that requested for 30Mbps of Internet which we provisioned and we use rate-limit to limit the customer to 30Mbps but this customer keeps complaining the download speed is poor.

The customer did an FTP test to an FTP server hanging out on our upstream provider and keeps getting between 150 - 250kbps (Which we assume is

per system since other users are connected), and most of their customers are using their network. On our MRTG and PRTG the same customer always use between 60% and 80% of the bandwidth and during their peak period they use 90% of the 45Mbps.

We still have 10Mbps free on this STM1 Internet Connection and we are sure that we allocate the 30Mbps, in addition other customers have not complained.

How do we convince this particular customer that we are giving what we suppose to give and how do we prove it? Is there any best practice on how

to address this type of problem?

If FTP test is carried out on 50Meg file, how long will it take to download the file (assuming only one system is on a network with 30Mbps Internet connection)?

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Re: Download Speed Issue??

Are you shaping or policing to 30 Mbps?

To know the theoretical FTP performances, you need to know the receive window size of the systems used.

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Re: Download Speed Issue??

How could I know the receive window size?

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Re: Download Speed Issue??

When you use tcperf, it's configurable. There are various posts here on the subject that you can search.

Note that if you're using policing to limit bandwidth, chances are that will negatively affect performances of a single connection.

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