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DS3 dropping packets tx_underrun_err=6326619

I'm seeing underruns. Unfortunately, searches on what causes this exactly tend to turn up people's show controller commands that have 0 errors.

M1T-T3 pa: show controller:

PAS unit 0, subunit 0, f/w version 3-93, rev ID 0x2800001, version 3

idb = 0x20045C64, ds = 0x633C17D0, ssb=0x20046E90

Clock mux=0x30, ucmd_ctrl=0x0, port_status=0x1

Serial config=0x8, line config=0x1B0202

maxdgram=4500, bufpool=128Kb, 256 particles

rxLOS inactive, rxLOF inactive, rxAIS inactive

txAIS inactive, rxRAI inactive, txRAI inactive

line state: up

cable type : T3 cable, received clockrate 44201430

base0 registers=0x3C800000, base1 registers=0x3C802000

rx_base0 registers=0x3C820000, rx_base1 registers=0x3C822000

mxt_ds=0x20783D1C, rx ring entries=124, tx ring entries=254

statring=0xC329A00, statr shadow=0x2004725C, stat_head=199

plus_pa: rx_statring=0xC329E40, rx_statr shadow=0x5006FBFC, rx_stat_head=103

rxring=0xC3297C0, rxr shadow=0x633C2CE4, rx_head=3

txring=0xC32A380, txr shadow=0x633C3310, tx_head=166, tx_tail=169, tx_count=3

throttled=0, enabled=0

halted=0, last halt reason=0

Microcode fatal errors=0

rx_no_eop_err=0, rx_no_stp_err=0, rx_no_eop_stp_err=0

rx_no_buf=0, rx_soft_overrun_err=0, dump_err= 0, bogus=0, mxt_flags=0x2C

tx_underrun_err=6327187, tx_soft_underrun_err=0, tx_limited=0(256)

tx_fullring=5147, tx_started=1582336790, mxt_flush_count=0

rx_int_count=-665103885, tx_int_count=-1870512746

Framing is c-bit, Clock Source is Line

Bandwidth limit is 44210, DSU mode 0, Cable length is 10

rx FEBE since last clear counter 0, since reset 99

Data in current interval (286 seconds elapsed):

0 Line Code Violations, 0 P-bit Coding Violation

0 C-bit Coding Violation

0 P-bit Err Secs, 0 P-bit Sev Err Secs

0 Sev Err Framing Secs, 0 Unavailable Secs

0 Line Errored Secs, 0 C-bit Errored Secs, 0 C-bit Sev Err Secs

Data in Interval 1:

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Re: DS3 dropping packets tx_underrun_err=6326619

Hi, which router and exact ios is this, and to which kind of interface is the received traffic going, please send show interface as well.

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