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DSL and T1 connected to private network using 2811


I have a Cisco 2811 and I was informed that all I needed to configure it with our DSL and our T1 was the router and a WIC-1DSU-T1-V2 card.

Right now I have the DSL modem plugged into FastEthernet0/1 and our private network plugged into FastEthernet0/0. This is setup with NAT and Remote Access VPN and works great. Now I am trying to connect our T1 line and our ISP gave me a WAN IP and a LAN IP. Is it possible to have a virtual interface with the LAN IP so I do not need a second router to connect this T1 to our network?




Re: DSL and T1 connected to private network using 2811

Depends on what you plan to do with the t1.

You could just only use the WAN addresses and run nat overload on it and ignore the lan ip's

You could put static nats in for the new LAN ips and map them to your current private network. Unless you are using the very latest version of NAT you will need to put a static route for this lan subnet to your fa 00 to get nat to work. You can also use one of these as a pool if you work at it.

You can put a secondary address on your private network interface and just overlap the networks if your really want to use these lan addresses without nat.

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