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DSL Backup through ethernet not ATM if link fails


I have a 1800 cisco router. We have a DSL connection going from our branch to our office thought the ATM port. (dialer 1) with a static IP addres provided by our ISP which is 87.x.x.x. The setup works great. However I would like to configure the router in such a way that on Ethernet 1 I have a backup Linksys 3G router (mobile). The Linksys connects to the internet automatically when traffic is send to it and I can also configure Ethernet 1 to communicate with the linksys. However I am struggling to configure to router in such a way that if the DSL connection drops for x seconds the router sends all traffic though Ethernet 1 not through the ATM port.

I was thinking of this solution?.

which seemed fine however when I configured the router-map alpha permit 10 with:

set ip next-hop verify-availability 87.x.x.x 20 track 123

set ip next-hop

Note: is ethernet 1 which is connected to the linksys router 192.x....

it gave me a warning message saying "that is an internal IP address" but let me do it anyway. However traffic is not forwarded to this IP address and it doesnt work. however

set interface dialer 1

set ip next-hop

works and the DSL connection works to the router from the office.

So close yet so far. I have several other solutions with another router etc. etc. but I would like this solution to work? is it possible?

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