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DSL interface down on 2800 router

I am trying to make an ADSL Internet connection with 2800 router. ADSL line is working with another brand ADSL router (ADSL_G.dmt modulation, 49 downstream attenuation, 31 attenuation, fast path mode). However when I try to connect 2800 router this line it fails: Debug atm error and events show that, the router announces line quality as bad. How could I change the SNR margins? Also I could not see the controller dsl 0/1/0 on the router configurations.

The configuration is quite simple:

interface ATM0/1/0

no ip address

no ip redirects

no ip proxy-arp

no ip route-cache cef

no ip mroute-cache

load-interval 30

no atm ilmi-keepalive

dsl operating-mode auto

pvc 8/35

pppoe-client dial-pool-number 1



CCI-RT-TST-01#sh run int di 0

Building configuration...

Current configuration : 239 bytes


interface Dialer0

ip address negotiated

no ip redirects

no ip proxy-arp

ip mtu 1492

ip virtual-reassembly

encapsulation ppp

dialer pool 1

no cdp enable

ppp pap sent-username xxx password yyy


*Sep 18 14:06:32: set tx_gain_offset to 0

*Sep 18 14:06:32: set rx_gain_offset to 0

*Sep 18 14:06:32: set target_noise_margin_offset to 0

*Sep 18 14:06:32: set max_bits_tone_limit to 15

*Sep 18 14:06:32: changed current state to do open!!

*Sep 18 14:06:32: DSL: SM: [DMTDSL_DLOAD_2 -> DMTDSL_DO_OPEN]

*Sep 18 14:06:32: DSL(ATM0/1/0): Send ADSL_OPEN command.

*Sep 18 14:06:32: DSL(ATM0/1/0): Using subfunction 0x15

*Sep 18 14:06:32: LOCAL:Max noise margin for power cutoff 31

*Sep 18 14:06:32: DSL(ATM0/1/0): Sent command 0x3


*Sep 18 14:06:34: DSL(ATM0/1/0): 1: Modem state = 0x8

CCI-RT-TST-01#debug atm erro

*Sep 18 14:06:37: DSL(ATM0/1/0): 2: Modem state = 0x

ATM errors debugging is on


*Sep 18 14:06:39: DSL(ATM0/1/0): 3: Modem state = 0x10

*Sep 18 14:06:42: DSL(ATM0/1/0): 4: Modem state = 0x10


*Sep 18 14:06:44: DSL(ATM0/1/0): 5: Modem state = 0x10

*Sep 18 14:06:45: DSL(ATM0/1/0): Received response: 0x22

*Sep 18 14:06:45: DSL(ATM0/1/0): Open failed: Req. min. rate + noise margin + PSD not possible on the line -- retrying

*Sep 18 14:06:45: DSL(ATM0/1/0): sleep 5 seconds

CCI-RT-TST-01#u all

All possible debugging has been turned off

CCI-RT-TST-01#sh dsl int


Alcatel 20150 chipset information

Line has not yet been activated.

Modem Status: Down (DMTDSL_DO_OPEN)

DSL Mode: Unknown

Interrupts: 19871 (0 spurious)

PHY Access Err: 0

Activations: 0

LED Status: OFF

LED On Time: 100

LED Off Time: 100

Init FW: ASW_init_3_8_131.bin

Operation FW: ASW_R3_8_131.bin

FW Source: embedded

DSL: Training log buffer capability is not enabled

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