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DSLAM 6260

when i applied

show atm vc int atmx/y

i saw

soft vc not conected

despite the link up and pvc is created

its solved when i changed the pvc#

iwant know why this haappened, and how i can avoid it?


Re: DSLAM 6260

In DSLAM 6260 "show atm vc" command is used to confirm the status of ATM virtual channels.

"show atm vc" command in privileged EXEC mode displays all ATM permanent virtual circuits (PVCs) and switched virtual circuits (SVCs) and traffic information.The syntax for this command is: "show atm vc [vcd | interface interface-number]"

vcd - Specifies the virtual circuit descriptor (VCD) about which to display information(optinal).

Interface - Interface number or subinterface number of the PVC or SVC. Displays all PVCs and SVCs on the specified interface or subinterface.

For more information about this command refer the command guide present in the following url:

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Re: DSLAM 6260

dear smahbub

int atm1/2

atm soft-vc 0 35 dest-address (atm address) svc 1 235 rx-cttr 1 tx-cttr 1

my qusetion is

when i apllied show atm vc int atm1/2

i got these output ( soft vc not connected)

and when i changed the svc from 1 235

to another number the svc became up

i want to know why i got this output

( soft vc not connected )despite that every thing fine?


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