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Dual Connected Site Design Suggestions MPLS-VPN

We're preparing for a WAN redesign to bring most of our sites to a standard design for our backbones, MPLS routers and VPN routers.

Our preferred path is over MPLS with VPN as our failover.

Today we are using EIGRP on BB, MPLS and VPN routers.

We have a variaty of configurations that we want to reconfigure to a standard. The reason for the redesign is we keep having EIGRP storms that can last up to 30 min. before routes expire and routing starts working again, there are just too many members in EIGRP broadcasting routes...they are all on the same AS number.

There's two options we're considering:

Option 1

We're looking to implement route maps to prevent routers from broadcasting routes not directly beneath them, thus keeping the MPLS router from broadcasting routes it learned from the VPN router at the same site. we would keep running Full EIGRP on BB, MPLS and VPN routers and keep all devices on same subnet, the EIGRP rebroacasts would be controlled with the route maps? BB, MPLS and VPN would all be peers but routes are controlled.


Option 2

We've also considered moving the MPLS and VPN routers into seperate subnets to the backbone. So they are not peers and then switching our BB to stub eigrp. This would keep the MPLS and VPN routers from becoming peers and broadcasting any routes from eachother, and the stub backbone would not broadcast routes from one to the other.

*If I understand the eigrp stub correctly, any network that the BB has an interface on, should be rebroadcasted to the MPLS/VPN router neighbors with out needing a static route?

Our stub would redistribute connected and static routes.

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