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dual gre tunnels back to same hub


I have a customer that currently has one WAN connection at each spoke and utilizing mGRE at the hub. There are about 13 sites and EIGRP is handling all the routes. Now they want to add a second WAN connection at the spoke, from a different ISP, and create another tunnel back to the same hub and separate voice on one circuit and data on the other.

I tried creating new tunnel interfaces on the hub and spoke and adding the new subnet to the eigrp config but I am missing something because the SA never comes up. And I did use the 'shared' command on the 'tunnel protection' line.

What am I missing here?

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Re: dual gre tunnels back to same hub

can you post the tunnel configurations from both sides? The tunnel protection does not have to be shared for it to work. Actually the only important thing is having multiple IP addresses on the spoke so you have something to route out the other interface

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