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Dual ISP Lines

dear all,

i have 2 lines from differnet ISPs, each one is 2MB, each line on a cisco 2800 router, how can i do load balancing on these two lines????

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Re: Dual ISP Lines

If you do NAT in each router, and in each router configure two static routes, one pointing to the circuit and one to the other router, you will have almost perfect load balancing.

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Re: Dual ISP Lines


thanks alot for your response, but the two static routes in each router, will have the same AD??, or are they default routes??? can you help me with an exmaple of your suggested configuration


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Re: Dual ISP Lines

Same AD, that is, no need to change administrative distance.

Yes these will be default static routes.

A further improvement would be to use routing to pass default from one router to another. This can be done once the basic setup with static routes is working satisfactorily.

Do you have the routers and circuits up and running now ? If so you can go ahead with the NAT configuration and post any further question here.

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Re: Dual ISP Lines

if you don't use nat and use default route to the ISP then try this

ip route serial 0/0:0 50

ip route serial 0/1:0 50

serial0/0:0 and serial0/1:0 are your two e1 links. If it is not E1 then put the outgoing interfaces instead of serial.

Let me know the result.


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