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Dual PRI T1s on seperate routers/gateways, VoIP

Checked the first few pages of topics and didn't quite see this question.

I have an existing 3745 with 1 PRI connection (23b+d) into a NM-HDV2-T1/E1 card. We are in the process of purchasing a 2821 router with a VWIC2-1MFT-T1/E1. I am not planning on moving all the DSPs to one machine. The 2821 will also have a dual port fxo card for failover 911 calls.

I understand the basics of getting a single PRI line up and running and configuring the CCM to use it as the gateway. What I am looking for is a little direction on what else needs to be taken into account to ensure that both lines will be used. I understand that if they were on the same router then load balancing could happen and maybe a few other things. Is it still possible when using seperate routers? What let's the two routers inform each other or the CCM of failure or no lines left. The new line is supposed to be configured from AT&T as a 24d with 1 line able to act as the backup d when failover is needed. Are the controls for that to happen on AT&Ts side or is it something I need to configure.

As always thank you in advance and I will rate helpful posts.

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Re: Dual PRI T1s on seperate routers/gateways, VoIP

Hi Matt,

we do have an IP Telephony forum here where your question would have better posed. However, yes as you say the GW will load balance, most depends on CCM configuration. Are you using H.323 or MGCP ?

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Re: Dual PRI T1s on seperate routers/gateways, VoIP

Wasn't sure if it should be here with WAN or there with VoIP. The current gateway is actually running both but the controller for the PRI line is running MGCP. H.323 is being used for a seperate IVR box that needs to use on/off-hook.

Also a friend has mentioned HSRP. Still reading about that protocol.

Is there a way to move this conversation to a different forum rather then reposting a duplicate conversation?

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Re: Dual PRI T1s on seperate routers/gateways, VoIP

Doesn't matter the forum posted as long the conversation can be helpful.

I'm not much expert at the CCM but my understanding is that it will do just fine with multiple MGCP PRI links by just configuration.

HSRP in this case won't help, it is primarly used for data by PCs, CCM does not need it.

Hope this helps, if so please rate post

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Re: Dual PRI T1s on seperate routers/gateways, VoIP

Thanks for the reply I will move the conversation to the VoIP forum. I would expect that more is involved them just setting up the new gateway on the CCM and configuring a new PRI on the seperate router, especially because the new PRI will be utilizing the existing D channel.

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