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Dual-router 1 ISP 1 MPLS

Hi ,


we have router A with an ISP link

we have router B with MPLS link

HSRP is active between the 2

Router are peered with OSPF 

They talk over native vlan.

Internet must go out through the ISP link

internal traffic must go out through the MPLS

The traffic is going where we need but the HTTP traffic , like on youtube , some bandwidth tester are not loading. 


If we go the other way around , router A active , the internet is working fine ( youtube ) but internal HTTP are not working properly , the traceroutes and ping are fine . DNS as well . Just the http connections are not completed. Of course we have out of order errors in the router and tcp reassembly queue overflow.


I tried to increase the tcp queue and timeouts.


I think you will need to do

I think you will need to do policy based routing.

On the MPLS router you can do PBR to send all internet traffic at router A. Do you have any default routes? And I also assume your routers have routes to the rest of your internal network to route via the MPLS router only?

This will fix routing internet traffic when HSRP is active on MPLS router hopefully.

Conf t


route-map WEB permit 10

match ip address 100

set default next-hop x.x.x.x (the ISP routers address) [set default next-hop means route the packet if there is not explicit route for destination]


ip access-list extended 100

permit tcp any any www

permit tcp any any 443 (you can permit other protocols like ftp etc...)


interface xxxxx (this interface is your LAN, where the traffic from clients will be reaching first)

ip policy route-map WEB

With regards to router A, please show the output of the routing table. Not entirely sure what might be happening there, so more information about this would be good please.


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