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dual vlan on a single link

I have a bit of a challenge. I have installed a point-to-point microwave link and assigned it ip of 172.24.0.x/29 on each node. At the PE (router) i configure to subinterfaces one for Vlan22(internet) and a second for vlan 33 (Management). Vlan 33 covers the 172.24.0.x/29 subnet while vlan 22 covers the 6x.17x.x.x/29 subnet for the client. The issue is I configure a trunk on the switch port to allow vlan 22, 33. however assigning a host the 6x.17x.x.x ip i cant ping my gate way on the same subnet in vlan 22.

Please help


Re: dual vlan on a single link


what I understand about your setup is


SW1 and SW2 both has VLAN's 33 and 22 configured

Now, if this is the case did you configure your router's in bridge mode?

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Re: dual vlan on a single link

ok here is the setup


the issues are

1. i configure a trunk to pass vlan 22,33 no problems if is a router or can do tagging

2. however connecting a host at cannot ping gate way

Re: dual vlan on a single link


please share the config on R1.

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