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Dual WAN with Failover Failback,


I need a router which will support dual ethernet WAN ports with the ability to rapidly failover and failback between the WAN ports. Im considering an 1841 but since I am new to the failover/failback mechanisms, Id like to know more about the configuration required.

The installation will be on a mobile platform and connectivity will be delivered across a satellite link. So, each of the 2 WAN ports will experience frequent loss of IP connectivity, but whenever one is without a connection the other will be 99% sure to have a connection.

Appreciate any guidance


Re: Dual WAN with Failover Failback,

you can setup two of the switch ports to be an etherchannel. (must seutp both switches connected via both links)

see this link for more info on etherchannel configuration:

Re: Dual WAN with Failover Failback,

1812 looks good for the job too.

You have generally two options - link-level protection or IP-level protection. In first case you'll need feedback from uplink ethernet device to shutdown link if corresponding satellite link is unusable, this pretty much depends on cooperation from provider of the satellite link. In case of IP you can either run dynamic routing protocol such as OSPF or you can use RTR tracking with static routes (look at CCO for reliable static routes). Whichever way you take, keep in mind that with satellite link you have long RTT (600ms to 2 seconds) so your checks should allow timeout at least equal to RTT.

I'd prefer RTR way, but without knowing specifics of your setup it's hard to say whether it's best way or not.

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Re: Dual WAN with Failover Failback,

Hi Ilya,

Ive ordered the 1841 with dual WAN links.

Can you help me with:

-Configuring the router to failover and failback between the 2 WAN links

-Possibility of load balancing between these 2 links.

Will it be possible to join the 2 WAN links to provide more bandwidth during those situations when both links are up?

Re: Dual WAN with Failover Failback,


Charlie if the WAN Links you are connecting to is for your Main Office / Branch Office only and if you are running Dynamic Routing this should be automatically taken care of.

The other complicated things like Object Tracking etc. does serve better when you want to connect to Internet or any network where you can't afford to enable Dynamic Routing.

Hope that helps.

Kind Regards,

Wilson Samuel

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