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DualHomed PE solution for LTE cell sites: MPLS


I'm an IPRAN MPLS planning consultant. In our existing network, each RAN equipment (Let's say eNodeB) connected to a single PE connecting towards our MPLS network. The issue with this existing plan is a single point of failure. We had a case recently where the bunch of sites were down due to a single PE failed on the whole. So we decided to provide a dual-homed connectivity for each cell sites(RAN).

So, Our proposed scenario will be of having two layer 3 connectivity to 2 different PEs via a Layer2 SDH ring. So that, just in case if one PE fails on the whole, the sites connected to it will be still maintaining the connectivity via a second PE. We're planning to run OSPF between the RAN and those 2 PEs. 

1. What are the design measures we've to consider before implementing this plan?

2. Best choice to have Loop avoidance?

3. How to avoid CPU overload in OSPF convergence of each time there's a link failure?

4. We've to redistribute those OSPF routes into MP-BGP facing towards the MPLS core as well as redistribute the MP-BGP routes into OSPF.

    Can we do mutual redistribution on both PEs?

I've attached the design reference of the existing scenario and the proposed scenario. Your valuable feedback are highly appreciated!

Thanks in Advance!



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I don't know the answer(s).

I don't know the answer(s).

This is Cisco's guide for PE to CE design, and it talks about redundant PE's.

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Hi Philip,

Hi Philip,

Thanks for the share. I'm working on the use cases with all those scenarios.



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