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DWDM or CWDM? Which is best to deploy

We are leasing some private fiber and want to only lease two pairs to create a loop. I want to run 1gb ethernet over this fiber between two sites. I have a pretty large budget and have a enough ONS routers to do what I want. Is there any reason I would choose to do a CWDM link up here instead of the DWDM? I really only see the benefits of DWDM having a single GBIC running multiple lights down the fiber. Except, I am not sure how difficult it would be to manage this link. I can easily seperate physical strands of fiber and plug them into different switch ports using the CWDM technology. But I dont know how that works with the DWDM technology. My guess is that it is almost like subinterfacing a router interface except you are doing it based on light waves.

What are peoples thoughts on this?


Re: DWDM or CWDM? Which is best to deploy

The Cisco CWDM Solution is based on Gigabit Interface Converter (GBIC) technology and supports Gigabit Ethernet services. The Cisco CWDM GBICs plug into Cisco switches and routers. Cisco DWDM products are transponder-based and support a variety of services: Gigabit Ethernet, Fibre Channel, OC-x, ESCON/ FICON, and DSx services. Cisco DWDM products connect to Cisco switches and routers

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