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dyndns cisco asa 5505

Hi there!
i've an account in dyndns, and i want it to be setup to my cisco asa 5505.
I don't see any place on firewall where to put username/password of my account of dyndns.

if this don't work...can i setup the scenario as below:
connect the wan interface that comes from ISP to another router that support DynDNS (for example TPLink...), and then forward all the request on WAN port to my cisco ASA 5505 on it's WAN interface.
So, can i offer in same time VPN Services to my cisco asa 5505, even it is behind another router that forward everything to asa's IP of wan interface?

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Hi there,You will need to

Hi there,

You will need to take option 2 and configre your ASA as a 'DMZ host' on your upstream TPLink router, so that all traffic (VPN) not intended for it will be forwarded onto the ASA.




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Hi Seb! router TPLInk

Hi Seb! router TPLInk has a DMZ option...and i put the IP of asa to it

but will VPN work or not on Cisco ASA 5505???

The ASA supports a multitude

The ASA supports a multitude of VPN types.

Do you want to configure the ASA to recieve user connections (remote access, anyconnect) or LAN-to-LAN?

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i want to use my cisco asa

i want to use my cisco asa for Remote Access (i've created vpn profiles, and users).
So, asa behind a TPLink router with DMZ...will it work or not, that is my question.

Yes, with the ASA outside

Yes, with the ASA outside interface IP specified as the 'DMZ host' on the TPLink.


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OK, i'll try and i'll let you

OK, i'll try and i'll let you know!

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Hi Lasandro,I was wondering

Hi Lasandro,

I was wondering if you have managed to make ASA working behind your TPLink router. I am thinking of implementing a solution like the one that Seb suggested since ASA cannot register to dyndns like a normal cisco router. Thank you in advance.



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