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E1 Configuration help needed (URGENT)

Hi there,

I have a network on which I want to configure some E1s using VWIC-2MFT-E1 on Cisco 3825/3845 Routers. My plan is to bundle 2 E1 s on the card to give me a 4MB channel that can be accessed by one single Ip address. How can I do this i.e Sample config.

2. Using an NM -1A - OC3 card, I want to split an 0C3 link into 2 different links with 2 different IPs with one having a bandwidth of 102 Mbps and the other using the remaining bandwidth. How can I do this i.e Sample config


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Re: E1 Configuration help needed (URGENT)

1. MLPPP, see:

2. Do you go throught an ATM SP for this or it just a p-t-p link ? If the latter, you can still configure 2 subinterfaces and make 2 pvcs like ubr 102 and the balance to the other, but this will require some form of PBR to send traffic on one or the other circuit. You can achieve the same results with a single PVC and Class-based Qos, on which you limit something to 102 mbps for example.

Re: E1 Configuration help needed (URGENT)


Concerning E1 Configuration its pretty easy, you need to enable / config both the E1s and then bundle them with the help of MPPP.

You may follow the configuration as below:

Router(Config)# controller e1 1/0

Router(Config-controller)# framing esf

Router(config-controller)# line code hddb3

Router(config-controller)# clock source line [Optional Config, check with your SP]

Router(config-controller)#channel-group 0 time-slots 1-31

Router(config-controller)# no shut

Repeat the same config for the second E1 Card also.

Router(config-controller)# exit

Router(Config)# interface serial 1/0:0

Router(Config)# encap ppp

Router(Config)#ppp multilink

Router(Config)#multilink-group 1

Repeat the same Config for the Second Serial Interface

Router(Config)# interface serial 1/1:0

Router(Config)# encap ppp

Router(Config)#ppp multilink

Router(Config)#multilink-group 1

Router(config)# interface multilink 1

Router(config)#ip address X.X.X.X Y.Y.Y.Y

Router(config)#ppp multilink

About the OC-3 config, we shall get back to you, and regarding the above configuration, though I have tried to give you the exact configuration, however certain parameters might be different in your location, however overall this should be able to give you a direction

Moreover please do visit the following link for further information:

Hope this helps,

Please rate if it helps,

Kind Regards,

Wilson sAmuel

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Re: E1 Configuration help needed (URGENT)

Hello Samuel,

not sure if you were doing the config from memory, but esf is not a framing option for E1, only CRC4 and no-crc4 are :)

Re: E1 Configuration help needed (URGENT)


Thanks for pointing out, actually its a typo and there could be some more, however the whole intention was to give a guidance and if he is able to get to understand what I wanted to convey the purpose is achieved.

Actually typing all the config is cruelsome job, and presently I'm in N America, so pretty much mixed up :-(



Wilson Samuel

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Re: E1 Configuration help needed (URGENT)

Hi Wilson,

no worries, all are trying to help and I'm just a bit pedantic at times :)

And, I'm mixed-up since birth and a disaster at typing!

New Member

Re: E1 Configuration help needed (URGENT)

Thanks to all of you for helping out. I want to remind you guys about the second part of the question which still remains unsolved

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Re: E1 Configuration help needed (URGENT)

Sure. You can create two or more PVCs and give each one different bandwidth. Eg

interface atm x/y/z

no ip address

interface atm x/y/z.20 point-to-point

ip address ....

pvc 0/20

ubr 102000 <--- assuming is a back-to-back connection, ubr or vbr won't make difference.

And the balance to to other subinterfaces each one with his own PVC. The CLI will help you figure out the total allowed.

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