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E1 data interface for 2600

Hi all. First of all sorry for my bad English.

We have a CISCO2600 router and we're planning to contract to our data provider (Telefonica Espa?a) one ISDN PRI connection. We only need this connection to carry data and not voice and I like to know wich card we need to adquire.

We only need 2 Mb simmetric data connection, without channel separation or anything else.

Thanks in advance.

Cisco Employee

Re: E1 data interface for 2600

Hi Toni,

Please see this:

Cisco 2600 Series - Relevant Interfaces and Modules

Looks like these are your options:

NM-1CE1T1-PRI 1-Port Channelized T1 / E1 Modules with PRI Network Modules

NM-1CE1B 1-Port Channelized E1/ISDN-PRI Balanced Network Module

NM-1CE1U 1-Port Channelized E1/ISDN-PRI Unbalanced Network Module


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Re: E1 data interface for 2600


If you mean ISDN PRI like the service in which you have atelephone number, and remotes also with ISDN do dial-up for a 64 or 128 Kbps switched circuits, them yes you will have channel separation and exactly up to 30 of them.

The card to use is NM-1CE1B or NM-1CE1T1.

The same card can be used also for non-ISDN, that is, point-to-point, clear-channel circuit of up to 30 timeslots.

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Re: E1 data interface for 2600

It helps a lot, but I have a final question.

Can't I use VWIC-1MFT-E1 card?

Thank you

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Re: E1 data interface for 2600

For T1 or E1 PRI service, yes. Note some dial-up features, not important for many, are not supported with the VWIC. But if you plan to upgrade like to a 2801 in the future, a VWIC would be better as it is a newer ans smaller module.

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Re: E1 data interface for 2600

Thank you very much!!

Question solved! I think we'll buy VWIC cause it's smaller and we only need data service not other services.

Thank you and goodbye.

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