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E1 link monitoring

Hi every one....

I am using 3750 router between 2 locations with a VWIC 2MFT E1 interfcae. The traffic is going to the serial E1 to the FE0 interface then to the rest of the network. My question is there any way that I can dublicate the traffic of monitore it to the second FE interface. I want to plug a sniffer there to prove for my customer the encryption methode used.

Thanks :)

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Re: E1 link monitoring

I'm not familiar that much with 3750 router but did you try on spanning the port.

Or if not available you can buy this device called NTAP.

We use this on our MC3800 router and a couple of routers to monitor traffic if their are abnormalities in our e1. Hope this helps.

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Re: E1 link monitoring

Hi Ahmed,

Take a look at the post before yours titled

I have just posted about how to use command to duplicate traffic from interfaces like serial, token Ring... (not Ethernet) to another interface to which a sniffer is connected.

I hope this is what you need.

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