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E1 strange behaviour.

Hi All,
I have E1 controller(E1 0/0,0/1,0/2,0/3) and I am facing problem with configured two channel groups on the same.

E1 0/0 and E0/2 we can make channel groups on this at any point of time. but except this I am not able to make channel group with any of the other interfaces except e0/0 & e0/2.

For example: E0/0 & e0/3 or E0/2 with E0/1 the channel groups cannot be bound not sure whats the reason behind this? I tried just removing the config/int of e0/2 and configured with E0/1 there was no channel group at all.
If I remove the config of E0/2 and put on E0/3 only one channel group can be done.

Whats causing this? IS the E1 card faulty?

Any help would be appriciated.



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Re: E1 strange behaviour.

First of all, say which exact hardware you have.

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Re: E1 strange behaviour.

It's on Cisco 2651 XM 4 ports and 2FE
Wic slot 0 E1 (2 Port) Multi-Flex Trunk (Drop&Insert) WAN daughter card
Wic Slot 1 E1(2port)Multi-Flex Trunk (Drop&Insert) WAN daughter card

Thanks in advance. any comments/suggestion will be appricaited.

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Re: E1 strange behaviour.

You can have only one channel group per port.

If you need more, you need different hardware.

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Re: E1 strange behaviour.

No thats not true. I am able to configure the channel group on E0/1 and E 0/2.

Only the problem is with other ports I cannot have channe group with for example E0/1 and E0/3( Same config of E0/2 keyed in on the E0/3) but it doesn work.

any other suggestions.

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Re: E1 strange behaviour.

"thats not true" ???

I think you do not understand the answer or do not understand english.

VWIC only support one channel-group per port, or two but leaving one port disabled.

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Re: E1 strange behaviour.


Sorry for the late response.

Please find my question here.

E1 0/0 & E10/2 can form/allows two channel groups without any problem. But if I remove the E1 0/2(by shutting it down) there is no way to migrate the configuration into another interface.(i.e cannot have channel groups between E1 0/0 & E1 0/1).

sorry if this is not bothering you.



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Re: E1 strange behaviour.

It is really not clear what you're trying to do, how many cards you have, etc.

Alos the ittnerface naming you are reporting here, does not appears to be correct.

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