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Edge router choice

We are replacing a DS3 Internet connection with a 100 Mbps fastE connection from a Tier 1 Provider.  I currently have a Cisco 7204VXR with 512 Mb DRAM and 128 Mb of Flash and two 10/100 ports that is connected to the DS3.  I also have a 3845 with 1 Gb of DRAM and 256 Mb of Flash with two 10/100/1000 ports available.

We are currently running BGP, below is the summary

BGP table version is 88880414, main routing table version 88880414

379041 network entries using 44347797 bytes of memory

379043 path entries using 19710236 bytes of memory

63121/63114 BGP path/bestpath attribute entries using 7827004 bytes of memory

55854 BGP AS-PATH entries using 1469262 bytes of memory

0 BGP route-map cache entries using 0 bytes of memory

0 BGP filter-list cache entries using 0 bytes of memory

BGP using 73354299 total bytes of memory

BGP activity 14231060/13852015 prefixes, 17323428/16944385 paths, scan interval

60 secs

My question is which of these two routers will be best suited for the application? I can upgrade the memory in the 7200VXR if needed.



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Edge router choice

Forgot to mention the 7204 has a NPE400 and CPU utilization currently is under 10%, highest I have seen the 5 min average was 17%


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Edge router choice

The NPE400 is quite outdated. You can upgrade it to an NPE-G1, keeping the same chassis.

A 3845 will work as well.

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Re: Edge router choice

Don't want to debate here Paolo but my question is based on my education.

What about the NPE-G2 instead?  My reasoning is the amout of BGP required.

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Re: Edge router choice


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100 Mbps Ethernet, to guarantee wire-rate, could require about 300 Kpps.  A NPE400 is rated at 400 Kpps, the 3845 at 500 Kpps.  You might, or might not (much depends on your router's configuration, actual traffic load and kinds of traffic), be able to connect the new 100 Mbps to either router.

If you're only going to have about the same traffic on the new link vs. the DS3, you might be just fine.  If not, Paolo's suggestion is good, although you might also want to price compare to the latest ISRs.

I've attached a Cisco documents that describes performance for their various routers.

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