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EEM newbie help

    I am looking for an example EEM script/applet that would cause my router to change a path selection, based on a triggered event.  I usually employ Policy Based Routing on my networks which makes next hop decisions based on the source IP.  I want to do something similar with EEM, but rather than a simple source address based decision, I want a next hop selection to be based on an event.  (for the example, it could be anything...bandwidth threshold, or at a certain time of day, or whatever).  First I want to know if this can be done, and second I would appreciate it if someone could share an example configuration with me.   -it's the best way I learn it.

Also, in the example, how is the applet or script applied to the router?


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EEM newbie help


First, there are so many things that you can do with EEM. This goes for the standard EEM engine on the router to running TCL scripts directly on the router. You can run them when you see an event hit the log or you can schedule scripts to run at certain time intervals/days, etc. From the descriptions that you give for wanting to use it, I have to say that there are probably better ways to address certain issues rather than depending on an EEM script to do it. Here's a community dedicated to just EEM scripts. You can take a look at this and the EEM configuration guide to get a really good start:

Script Community (TCL and EEM):

Learning EEM:



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