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EIGRP and a default route

Hi. I have 19 sites in my WAN. I run EIGRP on my network. I am distributing default route to all the sites since they don't have local internet access and they come to central site for internet. Right now I will be connecting site #20 to my WAN and this site will have local internet access so I don't want to distribute default route to this particular site through EIGRP. How can I stop distributing default route to this one site only? Should I filter this route while it is getting to the router at site #20 ? If yes, how to do it? Access list? I would appreciate your help

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Re: EIGRP and a default route

Use Access-list with distribute-list for the same.

access-list 101 deny

access-list 101 permit any any

router eigrp

distribute list 101 in

I think you may also use a standard acl

access-list 1 deny

access-list 1 permit any

router eigrp

distribute list 1 in

Cisco Employee

Re: EIGRP and a default route

Hello Aneesh,

If ACLs are used in distribute lists, they verify (i.e. filter upon) the following attributes of filtered routes:

A standard ACL checks only the network's address. It does not verify its netmask or any other attribute.

An extended ACL checks both the next hop and the network's address. The next hop is verified against the source part of an ACL entry, the network's address is verified against the destination part. Again, the network mask is not verified. Note that this fact requires rewriting your ACL 101:

access-list 101 deny ip any host

access-list 101 permit ip any any

If an extended ACL is used in the outbound direction, the next-hop address provided as an input to the ACL will always be

If a precise control over advertised networks and netmasks is necessary in distribute lists, it is recommended to use prefix lists.

Best regards,


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Re: EIGRP and a default route

I would leave the EIGRP default route there and add one static route on the site.

"ip route Interface XX"

The static route will take over EIGRP and if the Outgoing interface goes down, EIGRP will kick in :)

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Re: EIGRP and a default route

Thank you to all of you guys. I think using static default route on the site router is the best solution since it will give some redundancy. If local internet at site #20 fails than traffic will be sent out to internet through central site using EIGRP default route. Thanks again

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