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Eigrp and L3 Switching Help

Our current network configuration is follows:

Corp office - 2600 router and 3750 L3 Switch

19 other facilities - 3750 L3 Switch

Each building is interconnected by Metro Ethernet, each have their own subnet (,, etc.), and routing between each other is done via the 3750 switches. The corp office router routes all internet traffic.

We are currently using static routes but would like to initiate EIRGP. Can someone point me in the right direction for configuring the eigrp on the switches.

I have enabled ip routing and configured 2 of the switches with eigrp (with network statements) as test but they aren't passing eigrp info to each other. The routing table only shows directly connected networks and the default-gateway.

Thanks for any help you can give.

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Re: Eigrp and L3 Switching Help


What does a "sh ip eigrp neighnbour" on the 3750'S show. Do you see any entries.

Does your eigrp config look something like

router eigrp 1


no auto-summary

Attached is a link to configuring EIGRP on 3750 switches



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Re: Eigrp and L3 Switching Help

Thanks for the link.

I will check the neighbor relationship tomorrow at work an yes my eigrp config looks like what you posted.

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Re: Eigrp and L3 Switching Help


The show ip eigrp neighbor command will show what neighbor relationships have formed and is a useful command in troubleshooting EIGRP issues. I would suggest that another useful command is show ip eigrp interface. Using this command allows you to check a couple of useful things:

- are the interfaces that you expect to be running EIGRP actually showing up in the list? (if not check for typo error in the network statement, incorrect mask used in the network statement, or the interface is configured as passive).

- have the interfaces formed any neighbor relationships? (if not look for mismatched EIGRP AS numbers, passive interfaces, access list blocking EIGRP hello, mismatched subnets between neighbors).

If these commands do not point you to the solution then it would be helpful to post the details of the EIGRP configurations.



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