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I have a requirement to have EIGRP provide dynamic routing to a VIP.

I have an HSRP pair running HA IPSec.

My IPSec routers are redistributing static routes into EIGRP. packets are routed to my standby router and therefore do not get encrypted and as a result no workie workie.

is there a way to advertise the VIP address?



Re: EIGRP AND VIP address


Why don't you try and set a delay parameter on the ethernet interface of your standby router so that routes from your active router will always be preferred. IF the primary router goes down, the route from the backup router will be used, providing you the required redundancy.

Do the following to increase the delay:

sh int

[ note the delay value that you see here]

Then configure:


delay /10

Note that the delay parameter is configured in tens of microseconds. Therefore, if your original delay was 100, then the delay command will use (100+100)/10 = 20

Hope that helps - pls rate the post if it does.



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Re: EIGRP AND VIP address

Dely only is good when using EIGRP metrics. As I mentioned I am redistributing statics which are prefered over any eigrp metric.

So setting delay will have no affect in this case.

Thanks for your idea though.


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Re: EIGRP AND VIP address

If I'm interpreting your post correctly, you want the routes advertised by your standby router toward the IPSec spokes to be less desirable than via the primary. You can achieve this through offset lists:

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Re: EIGRP AND VIP address

My understanding of an offset list is to change the prefered route by modifying the admin distance on a matching route. I see a problem because when a link dies, HA IPSec will force a reload of the Active router. This causes the statefull failover to the standby router. ( all is good as long as the primary stays down). However it does not and in the event of a link failure, the primary will reload and come back up and eigrp will send traffic to the prefered side even though it is the standby IPSec device. All traffic stops at this point until the bad link is fixed or the box is powered down.

So, This wont work either. The only solution that I think will work is one where EIGRP can have knowledge of the active router.( i.e. route to the VIP of the HSRP group).

How can I advertise a virtual IP?

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