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New Member

eigrp between 2 sites, multiple paths load share

Hi all


I have 2 sites, with 2 links between both sites, the links terminate on separate routers. One link is 64mbit and the other is 18Mbit

each router on the site is on the same subnet.


I would like to load balance across the links if possible, un equal load balancing using the variance command. I have the correct bandwidth set on each router.


As the routers are on the same subnet, they will need to learn and send routes from the same interface so I will need to switch off split horizon


I also want to redistribute a static on both routers back to the core router on each site.


I did this on gns3 first, I noticed that only 1 router would get the feasible successor in it on each site.


Is this an OK thing to do and why am i only seeing feasible successor on one of the routers not the other ? do i need to play with the delay etc ?









New Member

How does traffic get to the

How does traffic get to the routers if they are on the same subnet? Is there an L3 device that uses static routes to each of the routers? HSRP?

New Member

Yes from a router I want to

Yes from a router I want to route traffic to the active hsrp and then that router load balance out

New Member

A hairpin from the HSRP

A hairpin from the HSRP active to the standby back through the local network doesn't sound like a great idea.

Do you have a picture that shows this? Is your local gateway a L3 device that just redirects to the HSRP address of the routers? 

Can you get rid of HSRP on the WAN routers and just run EIGRP from them to the local L3 device? That would make using the variance much more straightforward since you could just do it on the local L3 device and not worry about configuring it on the WAN router.


New Member

Hi There, there is only a

Hi There, there is only a firewall (non cisco) before these 2 routers! so we cannot use EIGRP

what would be recommended here ?






New Member

Can you post a diagram of the

Can you post a diagram of the layout?

New Member

(No subject)

New Member

I don't see any firewalls on

I don't see any firewalls on the drawing. You mentioned them in an earlier post.

New Member

the firewalls are R5 and R6,

the firewalls are R5 and R6, They are just represented as routers in the drawing!

New Member

What networks are you

What networks are you advertising in EIGRP? If you have firewalls between the routers and LAN, how does routing work now?

New Member on the left on the left and on the right

there is a static route on the wan routers to the firewall then redistributed into eigrp

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