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EIGRP Data taking Successor Route

My main site has 2 paths to both branches. We have a T3 to both sides with provider "A", and a MPLS cloud for backup. Our HQ has 10 MB/s to the MPLS cloud, and the branch with the issue has a T3 to the cloud.

The problem is this: Data from the Main site to one branch always seems to take the successor route. Return traffic and traffic originating from the branch takes the correct route. Data from SolarWinds seems to confirm this as Transmit Utilization from the Main site is 35% on the MPLS route, and 0% on the T3 route. These percentages are basically reversed for the Branch to Main direction.

I have attached a document with the routing entry for the subnet at the branch from the Main site's core, also with "sh ip eigrp topology (IP address)". A traceroute from the Main site core to the branch core is included. Also included are the "router eigrp" sections from the 2 routers that are at the Main site. Let me know if there is anything else you may need to see.



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Re: EIGRP Data taking Successor Route

Solved my own problem by adding "redistribute eigrp 62" to the "router bgp 65060" in the branch's routers. Now the T3 route is actually being used. Thanks to all who looked.

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