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EIGRP default-information

Have read ciso documentation many times but still not able to understand the command "default-information". Can someone show me the example?

many thanks

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Re: EIGRP default-information

Hi there,

"Whenever you use the redistribute or the default-information router configuration command to redistribute routes into an OSPF routing domain, the Cisco IOS software automatically becomes an Autonomous System Boundary Router (ASBR)."


hope that helps

Re: EIGRP default-information


sometimes it is nessessary to generate a default route ( for a network. An example would be a BGP router connected to the internet will not insert the whole internet routing table into OSPF but preferably a default route. The question is how to achieve this.

One option is f.e. through OSPF:

router ospf 10

default-information originate always

This will tell this router to generate a default route for the rest of the OSPF network. All traffic to the internet will follow the default route to the internet gateway and there you send the traffic to the prefered ISP, and so on.

Hope this helps! PLease rate all posts.

Regards, Martin

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Re: EIGRP default-information

I think everyone missed the EIGRP in the title :)

The default-information command is left over from IGRP. IGRP couldn't directly handle

Are you looking to implement EIGRP and have a specific question about default routing, or were you just curious about the command?

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