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EIGRP distribute-list out question

Hi Gurus,

I have a question regarding the use of distribute list out to only advertise deafult route to certain eigrp neighbor.

Current Scenario: i have 3 routers sitting in a same vlan1 on the switch running eigrp. Name them A, B & C. I need to advertise to C from A just default route only while keeping same to B.

i cant just use distribute-list out interface as literally all 3 of them in the same vlan interface. i read that distribute-list gateway can helps in restricting to certain neighbor, but it mentions only work for incoming advertisement.

For info, i do not have access/control of router C. what's the best way for me to achieve this on router A. Thankyou                  

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Re: EIGRP distribute-list out question


if the LAN switch, RA and RB are under your control and the LAN switch is configurable and supports Vlans, you can modify the topology by adding a new Vlan so that you can move RA-RB EIGRP adjacency on that new Vlan.

At that point you can apply a distribute list out on the vlan subinterface associated to Vlan 1 to RC that is the only neighbor left out there and you can achieve your objective.


for doing this the switch port facing RA LAN interface has to be configured as a trunk allowing Vlans 1,X where X is the new Vlan and RA configuration has to be changed to use Vlan based subinterfaces.

Hope to help


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Re: EIGRP distribute-list out question


A nice workaround!

Best regards,


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Re:EIGRP distribute-list out question

A good solution has already been posted,

Alternating solution could be to put distribute-list in on RTB and deny default route while receiving others.



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