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EIGRP Flapping



            We are facing the issue with EIGRP flapping..


when we checked the interface the bandwidth utilization is going more than  alloted bandwidth.. But no one is transvering the traffice...


We configured IPSec for packet encapsulation. Once neighbour ship came tunnel is going down... and frequently EIGRP is flapping . i dont think flapping is due to Bandwidth.. I need to fix the issue. Any experience please provide the steps to trouble shoot.


in log i am observing these two message frequently. Could u help me on this?

% CRYPTO-4-RECVD_PKT_INV_SPI:decaps:rec'd IPSEC Packet had valid spi for destaddr=<local ipaddress>,prot=50, spi=0XEB0A5D3A(3943324986),srcaddr=<remote ip address>. input interface=Gigabithethernet1/0/0

% CRYPTO-4-IKMP_NO_SA: IKE Message from <Remote ip address> had no SA and is not an initialization offer

%DUAL_5-NBR-CHANGE: EIGRP-IPv4 AS: Neigbor WAN IP < gi1/0/0> is down: PEER -Termination received

DUAL_5-NBR-CHANGE: EIGRP-IPv4 AS: Neigbor WAN IP < gi1/0/0> is up:new adjacency



New Member

Hi DineshkumarNot much to go

Hi Dineshkumar

Not much to go on but it looks like the tunnel is connecting at phase 1 (isakmp) but failing in phase 2 (ipsec)

% CRYPTO-4-IKMP_NO_SA: IKE Message from <Remote ip address> had no SA and is not an initialization offer

I think above suggests that your ipsec parameters don't match.

Check config on both sides to make sure the transform set is the same.

If your still stuck please post the following

show crypto isakmp sa

show crypto ipsec sa

sho run | s crypto


Good luck

i can share the  Show Crypto

i can share the  Show Crypto Isakmp Sa on local router.



Ipv4 crypto ISAKMP SA

dst                                             src                                                          state              conn-id          Status

local interface address        Remote location 1 interface address    QM_IDLE   38040              ACTIVE

ocal interface address         Remote location 2 interface address    QM_IDLE    38037              ACTIVE

RL Sec int address                 local interface address                         QM_IDLE    38041             ACTIVE



RLsec int address- Remote location secondary router interface address.



 Due EIGRP flapping i am not able to login other router. checked with remote engineer transform set was same on both site.






New Member

Hi D,The output above

Hi D,

The output above confirms that phase 1 isakmp has completed successfully.  So just need to double check what your doing for phase 2.

Its difficult if you cant see both sides but best to set up a phone call to check and agree the following ipsec settings with the other guy:
Encryption - esp-des, esp-3des or esp-aes?
Hashing - are you using esp-md5-hmac or esp-sha-hmac?
Group - Have you set a diffie hellman group - if so what have you got? 1, 2, 5?
Lifetime - not so important but best to agree on

Once you are sure you are in agreement check your config paying attention to your transform set:

crypto ipsec transform-set mytset esp-3des esp-md5-hmac

crypto ipsec profile whateverUcalledIT
 set security-association lifetime seconds 86400 
 set transform-set mytset

Make sure you are referencing the correct tranform set - especially important if you have configured more than one.

Let us know how you get on.

New Member

Sorry also to add the

Sorry also to add the transform set name is only locally important - so you can both use whatever name you want.  Important to make sure you reference it correctly in your own config:

crypto ipsec transform-set mytset esp-3des esp-md5-hmac

crypto ipsec profile whateverUcalledIT
 set security-association lifetime seconds 86400 
 set transform-set mytset

Cheers for now

everything was fine.. But we

everything was fine.. But we not configured set security-association lifetime seconds 86400  on device..

New Member

Is it all working now? 

Is it all working now?


its working fine now.. But

its working fine now.. But the issue we disconnected one of the device the local lan and now  the link is working fine.. But i dont know why eigrp flapping occur and Ipsec error message received.. Eventhough as per my understanding router will forward broadcast packets..


 We are using two separate tunnel for production and T&D.. 

New Member

Hi DI guess you are using

Hi D

I guess you are using eigrp to advertise the T&D network, and the Tunnel interface IP range

Is it possible that you are also including the ip range of the tunnel destination in the same eigrp instance?

New Member

Hi DYou can reuse the

Hi D

You can reuse the transform set but I believe its best practice to use separate ones.

Just to get things straight - what is the output from: show crypto ipsec sa

Is the tunnel up?

Also I'm a little confused are you connecting 2 separate vpn tunnels between CPC & DC.

CPC======VPN1 Production Tunnel=====DC

CPC======VPN2 T&D Tunnel=========DC



Hi Robert.  We have 3

Hi Robert.


 We have 3 Location.



 Each location we have 2 Routers for Primary and Secondary for Production link

One router for DC  for T& D link


in CPC unit T&D terminated in Primary production router.


Encryption - esp-aes on all three location for production and T&D Link
Hashing -  using esp-md5-hmac  for  production and T&D Link
Group - using 2.


 Only one doubt i have


in CPC we are same router so created  production link set transform-Set trans2

T&D Link at CPC set transform-set trans1


but in DR & DC production  interface we used transform-set trans1

in T&D link at DC used transform-Set trans1 on T&D Router



did this is issue . But we did this confifiguration nearly 1 Year before. we not faced the problem previous.. I need explanation for that command only.. I am much familiar in ipsec troubleshooting..




Hi robert.  Did this is the

Hi robert.



Did this is the issue? but it was working fine from intial configiguartion.. why now its creating problem..

One of the location  

set transform-set trans2


but other 2 location


Set transform-set trans1

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