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EIGRP Flaps & SRTT differences

I posted this on the LAN routing & switching board but I figured I'd try it here and maybe get some opinions of some WAN routing people.

I have a 4510R-E supervisor 6E with 5 EIGRP neighbors. From the 4510 I do a "show ip eigrp neighbor" and 3 of the neighbors show a SRTT of around 500ms and RTO around 3000. When I do a "show ip eigrp neighbor" from each of these 3 devices they show an SRTT of around 15ms and RTO around 200-300 for the 4510. Why would these times differ from what the 4510 sees and what the 3 neighbors see?  All 3 of these neighbors are on the same local subnet with 1000Mbps connection to the 4510.

2 of the 3 neighbors with the problem go thru a Riverbed Steelhead appliance.We use vlans to force traffic thru the Riverbed.

For EIGRP to run between the Riverbed connected devices it goes from VLAN 1000 on 4510 thru the LAN port of the Riverbed (this switchport is in vlan 1000), out of WAN port on Riverbed (this switchport is in VLAN 700) and into a router connected to an interface in VLAN 700. The router IP is in the same subnet as 4510 IP address of vlan 1000.

Routing works perfectly most of the time but every once and a while EIGRP hold timers expire and routing must reconverge. It always happens to the same 3 neighbors. Has anybody else had issues running EIGRP thru a Riverbed or had issues with EIGRP flapping with their 4510?

The 3 neighbors are  3825 router, an ASA 5510 version 8.2(2) and an ASA 5540 version 8.0(4).

I don't want to blame the Riverbed just yet because 1 of the neighbors having this problem does NOT go thru the Riverbed.



Cisco Employee

Re: EIGRP Flaps & SRTT differences

Hi Brandon,

I've answered your original post here:

Please do not post the same question in two forums simultaneously if possible. Some questions may be left unanswered for a couple of hours or days but most of them will eventually be answered.

Best regards,


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