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EIGRP on Nexus

HI All,

I would appreciate some help with the strange issue I am seeing on my network.

I have two LES circuits (1Gbps and 100Mbps) between sites A and B. Each site has two Nexus 5K switches. 1Gbps LES connects to ports in VLAN 56 and 100Mbps LES connects to ports in VLAN 55 at both ends.4 Nexus 5K switches (2 at each site) have VLAN55 and VLAN56 interfaces. All 4 switches are in EIGRP100.

Routes that are dinamily learned at each switch from networks behind them are being being learened correctly at other site. It is the same for connected routes. However, static routes that are redistributed into EIGRP are not learened correctly. When startic route is redistributed into EIGRP on switches at site A, switches at site B see 4 best routes, two from neighbours on 1Gbps link (correct) and two from neighbours on 100 Mbps. I expect that routes learened from same device over 1Gbps are better then routes learned from same device oer 100Mbps link. For example:

NX5K-SiteB-2# show  ip route

IP Route Table for VRF "default"

'*' denotes best ucast next-hop

'**' denotes best mcast next-hop

'[x/y]' denotes [preference/metric]

'%<string>' in via output denotes VRF <string>, ubest/mbest: 4/0

    *via, Vlan55, [170/51456], 4w5d, eigrp-100, external

    *via, Vlan55, [170/51456], 4w5d, eigrp-100, external

    *via, Vlan56, [170/51456], 4w5d, eigrp-100, external

    *via, Vlan56, [170/51456], 4w5d, eigrp-100, external


Two switches at site A are running 6.0(2)N1(2a) version of OS, while switches at site B are running 5.2(1)N1(1b) version of OS.

I would appreciate if anybody can explain this strange behaviour and what I am doing wrong.

There is attachment with L2 and L3 diagrams and pats of the configs.



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EIGRP on Nexus


I have realised what I am doing wrong.

When static routes were redistrtibuted into EIGRP, bandwidth within redistribution metric is equal to smaller LES circuit, so EIGRP neighbour at both links see routes with same minimum bandwidth and treat those as equal. I have updated redistribution metric with higher bandwidth and solved the issue.

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