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EIGRP Problem

I just setup eigrp between two of our network routers for testing. I have about 200 internet users behind the remote neighbor router. All the routes are in each routing table, however it appears that the users behind the remote router can not access any internet sites beyond our network (another other than website we host, or email servers). I remember reading something about setting up a 'gateway of last resort", but I am not sure what that gateway needs to be.

The remote route already has a static route of

Any ideas?

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Re: EIGRP Problem

I have tended to stay away from static routes at my "spoke" sites unless they are for a dial-backup, and for those I set a high admin cost ... like 200. Also I reduce the routing table sizes at the "spoke" sites with distribute-lists. The 'show ip eigrp topology' command helps show which routes are preferred.

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Re: EIGRP Problem

How else does the router to route "all other traffic" without this route in place? Also, this is not going to be a single spoke site. This remote router, also connects to another router further down our network. I will also be using eigrp on this router.

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Re: EIGRP Problem


If the remote router has a valid default route configured (ip route x.x.x.x) then that should take care of the gateway of last resort.

It would help us figure out the issue if you would provide a bit more information: if you could clarify the topology and what addresses are being used in which parts of the network? Also what are you trying to access that is not working? Where is it located and what is its addressing?

Without knowing the information that I just asked for, I will make a guess at the problem. I guess that it is not really a routing problem but is a problem of not translating addresses. I guess that you are using private addressing (especially behind the remote router) and that you are not providing translation of thosee addresses as they attempt to go into the Internet.

If that is not the problem then please provide the information that I have asked about.



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